Hello everyone!
I am new to this site, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes.
We have been building a log home for about 4 years. We purchased a dyi geothermal unit in 2005 and since then the company has gone out of business.

basement 1800 sq. ft. concrete insulated forms10"concrete radiant in concrete floor.
main floor 1800sq. ft. suspended concrete floor(speedfloor) with radiant in 3 1/2" concrete. 10" full round chinked log

upstairs:685 sq ft. forced air (ducts)

Geo units: Tetco esII 4.0DSH which is water to air and W-62 water to water 6.2 tons. Was planned for slinky loop 7 loops at 750' 3/4" pipe. Decided to do vertical bores. Have 2 vertical bores 300' deep each with 1" pipe.

Finally, got a geo contractor to come and look at our situation. It was very hard to find a geo contractor without purchasing the unit from them. He has done a J calc. He says the unit is to large for our home, plus we do not have enough loop field.

So I can either replace the water to water unit with a 4 ton Hydron or sell my whole system I have which is new never ran at all. And purchase a 4 ton combo unit 2 speed.

I have noticed that there are some really good geo people from Pa on here. Can anyone help?

Thank you
and sorry for such a long post!