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    evr/hvr with hepa filter

    I've decided to go with either a evr or hvr (undecided). I have been reading the forum and following links all night. Can anyone list the manufactures that build units that incorporate hepa filters like the venmar HEPA 3100 and save me a couple of hours of research.

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    using Google shouldn't take that long to sift thru the models. Take a look at the renewaire models, there a nice unit though they don't use hepa filtration but unless you have severe allergies I wouldn't waste the money on a ERV/HRV that incororates them in with there unit but instead would probably go with a Hepa type air cleaner/filter instead.

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    vanEE (same company as Venmar) have an HEPA HRV -

    It doesn't look like they have an HEPA ERV.

    If you want to get more information on vanEE products, you can contact vanEE directly or a distributor in Toronto -

    The distributor has been very helpful in answering my questions.

    You should determine if you need an ERV or HRV first. The vanEE Gold user manual has a map which gives you locations where an ERV make sense, depending on your air quality problems.

    I'm not sure what the humidity levels are in the Niagara region during the summer. If it's anything like in Ottawa, you might find that an HRV will over-humidify the inside of the house. If you research this topic, you will find that most people turn off their HRV in the summer.

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    The ERV with HEPA filtration that is distributed in this area is Broan's Model GSEH3K. The unit is made by VENMAR as the HEPA 4000 ERV. VENMAR doesn't have good distribution here. That means you will find the Broan unit at a distributor that sells Broan/Nutone bath exhaust fans too. Most Broan distributors don't even know that they have an ERV or what it's used for.

    The RenewAire ERV core has better latent transfer using the Losnay technology, but the intake filter rack is loose. That isn't a problem if the supply air is connected upstream of the main filter.

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