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    Electronic stat anticipator rate too low

    Installed a WR "Big Blue" touchscreen stat.
    The adjustable heating cycle rate is set to high (1.2 deg F) however I would like to see longer run and off times on the heat pump it's controlling.
    The system is sized correctly, location of stat is good and there is
    no air leakage from behind the stat.
    It replaced a mechanical stat with 2deg differential.
    Short of replacing the stat with another unit having higher differential, am
    I overlooking any easy fixes?

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    It would probably be good to sit tight until you get used to your new thermostat. Chances are, the reason you changed it out is the reason it's going to seem "different". And, more than likely, the old thermostat may have actually "aged" to a higher than 2 degree differential. Just my two cents from the denver mint...

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    White Rodgers believes that 1 1/2 degrees differential is optimum for comfort. So a 3 degree swing in temp.(1 1/2 below setpoint and 1 1/2 above setpoint) is what you will get. Next to honeywell it is the most accurate thermostat. These thermostats 'Learn' how your system and space work together, I agree with kermy on this. If you do make adjustments give it a couple of days to 'Learn' it's new assignment. You picked one of the best thermostats out there.

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