I had a new Goodman GMH95 furnace installed in my home on 16 October of this year. Everything worked fine for a couple weeks, and the weather warmed up so we haven't had to use it the last week or so.

Last night, the temperature dropped a bit, and we turned the thermostat up a few degrees to warm the place up. The only problem is that the heat never turned on. I kept it 5 degrees higher than the current room temperature for 30 minutes and it never came on.

I went out to check on the heater, and it seems like the thermostat is kicking in, and the heater is turning on (it's making noise, and I believe the pilot light is burning), but the fan never kicks in to force the hot air inside. After about 5 minutes of making noise, it stops. Then it start again a few minutes later, doing the same thing.

I can hear sounds at the intake/exhaust port,and I hear sounds from within the furnace that sound like the pilot light, but I can't tell if the burner is firing up. And I know that the fan isn't turning on.

I'm having a technician come out tomorrow morning, and it's still under warranty, but what could be the problem?

Busted fan motor? Or something else?

Is the fan and motor contained inside the furnace unit? Or is it in my A/C equipment? I hope it's the former, because that's covered in the warranty. I didn't have the A/C coil or any of that equipment which sits on top of the new furnace unit replaced. Here's a picture.