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    Confused Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) not forcing furnace fan on

    Good day,
    I had a Goodman SS-GMV95 furnace, Goodman A/C SS-SSX14, Fantech HRV SHR 1504 installed last month. These are being controlled by a Honeywell VisionPro IAQ thermostat.

    My problem is that the HRV will sometimes run without forcing the furnace fan on and other times it does turn on the fan. Why?
    This is happening maybe 25% of the time. It seems way more because I am not constantly thinking about it.
    It is not defrosting because it is not cold enough yet and I can't see it randomly deciding to defrost itself if it hasn't running through a cycle.

    There is a choice on the thermostat to choose between "Vent on will force fan on also", "Vent will not force fan ON". I have it set to the first. So why doesn't it do it all the time?

    I know this whole system needs to be installed by a contractor which it was but now he cannot get suppliers to return his calls and my calls to Fantech or Honeywell are the standard "call you contractor" reply.

    Any ideas on what to look for or at or anything at all would be helpful.
    Thanks. B

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    If you can get a hold of Honeywell, and Fantech for them to tell you to contact your contractor. He can get a hold of them too.
    Have him call them from your house. That way you know he is not making up an excuse.
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    Thanks beenthere, I will suggest it. My husband told me that our contractor is moving this up the ranks to regional Goodman rep. I have met him before. He is a no-nonsense, tells-it-like-it-is type with very good skills. So I am hoping this will end it.

    Thanks again.

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    Turns out the problem was that the connection to the HRV was on Timer instead of Dehum. So what was happening was the HRV was working based on it's settings for Timer. So it appeared to work sometimes with the furnace and sometimes not.
    It is working very well now.

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