(Hopefully I'm not violating any site rules in asking this since I'm not discussing prices or DIY.)

I live in Atlanta, GA, and I have an Amcor Aire mini-split unit. It's a year and a half old and has had a couple problems. The latest problem is that it intermittently makes a loud, annoying rattling noise that seems to come from the compressor and travels through the pipe so the noise can be heard in the room.

The contractor who installed it says that he doesn't have much experience repairing these split units. Normally he would call the company for help, but I understand that Amcor Aire just went out of business - which will make it very hard to both get troubleshooting help and parts.

I believe I read that the Amcor units are manufactured by a company called Chigo-group, which also makes Grunaire, and the Grunaire units are almost if not totally identical to the Amcor units if one knows how to match them up, maybe this could be done according to the unit specifications.

So hopefully you can see what I'm up against. I'm looking for a contractor with experience in mini-split units, to be able to figure out what's wrong and then try to order any needed parts from a different company by figuring out what unit would match up with the one I have. The only alternative to finding someone that can repair this is to completely replace my unit that's not even two years old, and without quoting the price I paid, hopefully you can understand why I'm reluctant to do that.

So, does anyone out there have experience with fixing split units? Or can you recommend a good way to find such a person/company without just blindly calling a bunch of companies? Is there some specific certification for split units, such that I could search some website that gives the certification to see who has it? What do you suggest?