I had a Honeywell humidifier installed today. The tech hooked the humidifier drain to the A/C condensate pump. Since now that would collect water during the winter, he said he'd have to route it either into the sump pump, or insert it into one of the draining PVC lines in my unfinished basement, or poke a hole in the exterior and install a large diameter PVC pipe that'd drain outside with some mechanism so the tube would not freeze up (I live in NJ).

Any thoughts on what option is the best and what the pros/cons are?

My concern with the sump pump is that its across the basement and when I ultimately finish it, I wasn't comfortable with the idea that I'd have this plastic tube running underneath the ceiling. Another concern was that making any sort of openings to get into the sump pump might impact radon levels. We have legally acceptable levels now and there is only a passive radon system in place.

Putting it into the PVC drain pipe by making an opening in them may be against township codes since AC condensate apparently isn't supposed to end up in the sewer.


Also, the tech used a saddle joint to connect to the copper piping coming into the water heater. I told him that the inspector from the township had told me that a saddle joint was a no-go, and the tech said that this is all they would do be able to do, and I'd have to get a plumber if I need to install it differently. Ideas on what options I have here?