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    Need Info On HW Vision Pro IAQ "Dehumidify On Demand"

    I recently had a Trane XR15 Heat Pump w/ VS Air Handler installed in my house. I told the installer I wanted a HW Vision Pro IAQ stat so that I could control the humidity level in my home. He let me know that he had never installed one before. And now afterwards I do know if he has wired it properly from the EIM to the air handler or even programed the stat itself correctly. I have read a lot of post to try and understand it but I just don't get it yet. Can anyone explain exactly how everything must be wired at the EIM to the air handler connections, what my dip switch settings must be and if any settings must be set at the thermostat itself. Then, once everything is wired properly, how do I use the "DeHumidify On Demand" feature on the thermostat to lower my humidity. I think help from you guys who install these things all the time will be able to help me and my installer in figuring it out. My HP is a 4 Ton unit and the air handler is a Trane 4TEE3F65B1.

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    after reading instructions, any seasoned tech. should be able to wire and set-up an IAQ properly


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    Yeah, they are fairly simple, the diagrams and instructions are easy to understand. Worst case senerio, get your installer to call Honeywell, and they can give him step by step technical advice.

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    With the exception of the blower control connections. The EIM wires to the air handler the same as most other thermostats do. So he shouldn't have had trouble wiring it.

    While we would like to give you the exact instructions how it should be wire for wire.
    The No DIY rules of this site prohibit us from doing so.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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