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    Honeywell Excel 5000 - Hyper Terminal

    I have to do a site audit on a site with Honeywell Excel 5000, all points, controllers, firmware etc. I've seen another tech do it with hyper terminal but i forget the process. If anyone can assist that would be greatly appreciated.


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    Never heard of that...

    Sure it wasn't XL-Online or XI584 via the serial port?

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    Thanks for the quick response. As far as i know the front end is XL5000 which was implemented in the early 90's. I do remember seeing a tech use hyper terminal, or a hyper terminal type app to view the c-bus traffic, as well as the controllers, points etc ( as an alternative to the XL front end).

    Any idea?


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    There was a utility that allowed the user to connect directly to the B Port of a controller and interact with inputs and outputs.
    This utility was different from XL-Online, XI584 emulator, XBS, Live Care

    I dont think that it used Hyper-terminal. And I dont think that it gave any point names

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    I'm not %100 sure it was hyper terminal, so your probably right. Any idea what application i could use to get the info i'm looking for (Controllers, Firmware, Points, etc) with out plugging into each individual controller, i could be there for 6 months if that's the case. Can i do this from XL5000 ?


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    How can you do a site audit without physically visiting each panel?
    I think that you need to do this just to see what modules are installed

    Anyway, you dont state whether or not these controllers are even networked together.
    What front end is out there?
    What tools do you have right now (CARE? what version, Excel Online, connection media, etc)

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