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    Delta Controls and Bacnet

    Can ORCAview the Operator used to commission Delta
    H.V.A.C. controllers such as the DSC-1616E ?
    Is there any documentation for software called “GCL+” ?

    BACNET. From a commissioning point of view ,is a control system that is based on the BACNET protocol, basically transparent .
    Would I see any difference in programming and mapping points ,as opposed to programming a Johnson system that uses their proprietary protocol or a Honeywell system that uses Lonworks?
    Lets say that each system is controlling
    five package units
    20 V.A.V.’s
    A boiler
    A couple of network thermostats
    And has a server based operator work station

    They have cut my days back at my present job
    I appled for a company called Integrated Building Controls , in New York.
    They deal with a lot of Delta controls.

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    I've had considerable experience with the following lines:

    Andover Controls
    Automated Logic
    Reliable Controls
    Robertshaw DMS
    Barber-Coleman Network 8000
    T.A.C. Vista/Menta
    Delta Controls

    Hands down Delta is the one I would choose to work with. ORCAview is basically a BACnet discovery tool. All points in a Delta system that CAN be BACnet objects ARE BACnet objects. Yes you use it for programming Delta controllers, seeing all but the network thermostats are fully programmable you don't just commission/configure the controller. Point mapping is automatic, reference a point from another controller in a Delta controller and the mapping objects are automatically created. As you create the BACnet points in Delta they are automatically assigned BACnet addresses. All in all the nicest BACnet software I have dealt with, some of the other guys have flashier software (ALC and Andover) but I have found them lackling when it comes to BACnet integration.
    All the manuals are on the ORCAview install disk.

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    You will really like it it is very simple.
    UA Local 141

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    it is nite and day. Delta being day of course. I feel blessed when working with Delta. No uploading/downloading. Program live. It is very easy to learn. Oh yeah Orcaview basically does it all. So no using different tools. I work with Johnson all the time and I do like it. But Delta is much better IMO. The only real drawback is you need a key.(I have lost mine and freaked out cause they are really expensive) Also they have a fairly good graphic library. Good Luck.

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    I currently work with a company called Controls & Equipment up here in Atlantic Canada. We are solely a Delta company. I'm a HVAC tech by trade and just started in the controls industry about a year ago. I find the Delta software very easy to use. glad to hear everyone else seems to think the same too

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    I'll Chime in. I've worked with a Delta partner for almost 6 years now. My previous experience is: 10 years with industrial controls (Allen Bradley) and approximately 5 years in HVAC controls with using Johnson and a little Honeywell. Delta is by far the easiest and most flexible to use. Their phone support is good, you usually speak with someone on the initial call or get a call back within an hour. They have undergone some tech support turnover recently, though. Recently a (very thorough) commissioning agent complimented our graphics as the best he's seen. It seems as though Delta considered all of the mistakes made by the big guys and built their product with simplicity in mind.

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