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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger93rsl View Post
    I've got sprint and I love them, ecellent customer service. I pay $100 a month and that includes unlimeted everything including walkie talkie and internet. I've had them for 2 years and my bill has always been the same every month.
    That $100 makes my $24 look like chump change.

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    I use auto pay for my wireless broadband and have had no probs

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    I've had to get my Credit Card number changed to keep media services from collecting on equipment that was returned with expired contracts. I have a judgement against one, they settled out of court with the agreement of non-discloser................ I'm still waiting for the check, six years later, and it's still on my credit report for N.P. breach of contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by screwonbudnik20 View Post
    I use auto pay for my wireless broadband and have had no probs
    No problems so far

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    My experiences with Verizon have been pretty sad. Ihave so many dead zones, that I'm fed up with them and I'm looking for another provider. Maybe its because they filed for bankruptcy.

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    Verizon did what?? where did u hear this? I know several "sub companies" that runs Verizon land lines have filed but not the wireless or parent company

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    I've had Verizon for about 8 years with no major problems at all. I agree also, NO auto pay. I only use their store locations not the 1-800 #. Seems they have a better coverage area here in Texas.
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    we moved to verizon after they offered to combine and reduce our bill.

    people told us they were having problems, so we don't allow any auto pay.

    service has been good but they charge us different amounts on what's supposed to be a fixed rate

    i've also called them and had strange noises that force you to hang up the phone

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