Anybody else deal with these fools?

Sometime last year I went to the auto pay system. They started the service and I had no problems then one month I get a late payment charge along with past due payments.

But it's auto pay so how can I get a late charge cause they are the ones who make the payment automatically out of my account!

A simple phone call should correct this, right? The average wait was around 15 minutes or more including 2 to 5 minutes of being switched to a continous electronic voice selection.

Finally reaching a phone tech I was told that they had no way to look at my payments as they only delt with new services and continued to tell me about additional deals that they could sell me. Why am I going to purchase more from you when I can't reach anyone who is in charge, I ask. They continue to recite they promotions along with telling me I need to cal the 1-800 number, which is how I got them after a long wait, to get the info I needed.

This went on for 3 months including letters to their main office from me. And for 3 months I would come home to warning in answering machine messages saying I'm behind in this payment and they are going to come get me. BTW, the late fee was less than 10 bucks, as I remember.

After 4 months I gave up because I litterly spent at least two weeks of total time in calling, writing and returning their messages per their instructions.

So now, one year latter, I won't let them touch my checking account through auto pay but I have a question about all the fees being charged on my bill. So I call again. Five minutes go by with a ton of buttons pushed only to be told that there is a 6 minute wait to talk to a real person.

Enough, I'm firing them, if I can which actually may be impossible the way they have constructed their abuse of customer system, and switching.

Problem is, what telephone company is better? Anybody?