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    Find a wire

    I am about to wrap up a job where I have a few loose ends to take care of. One of them is to find a 18/2 Shielded cable in a bundle of about 10 18/2's. I was thinking of purchasing a toner to make quick work out of identifying this wire. I know where the wire ends are. I need to find it in the bundle about in the middle of the run. I don't know if a toner would work with the inductive probe trying to trace this wire due to the fact they are all shielded.

    Will the inductive probe toner work on shielded wire?

    I assume I put the toner on the outer shield and one of the conductors. I just want to make sure it will work or no need in spending the coin. I'll just take the time to dig the wire out from it's current termination point. Just thinking it would save me a couple hours. Plus, It would be a good investment for future jobs.

    I bought a ethernet cable tracker identifier a month ago, to identify a problem I was having on a IP wire run I could not get straight. I kept wiring the cables backwards to the RJ45 connectors at opposing ends of the run. I got so fed up with trying to redo it, and for the life of me I not even today can tell you how I kept getting it backwards, I went and bought this tool and was able to fix my mis wiring. It told me which ones I had backwards.

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    I have had mixed results using a toner on shielded wire.

    Sometimes, if you hook to the shield, you can get a signal and sometimes you won't.

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    I would try looking at the factory footage marking on the wires. It may not find the exact wire but it could help you narrow it down.
    If you know the start and end footage markings, you might be able to determine which wire out of the bundle is yours.

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