Man walks into a bar with his pet monkey and orders a drink. While he sits down to drink the monkey starts jumping around. the monkey finds a peanut on the bar and eats it.
Then he finds a grape and eats that.
Then the monkey jumps up onto the pool table and swallows the que ball whole.
The bartender yells "Hey.. did you just see what your monkey just did?"
the customer says "No".. the bartender then explains to the man that his monkey just ate the que ball whole.
"doesn't surprise me.. he eats everything in sight.. don't worry though.. I'll pay for everything he ate including the que ball.

A week later the man walks into the bar again with the monkey by his side.
As the man sits down t drink the monkey finds a marashino cherry on the bar ..sticks it up his butt then eats it.

The bartender disgusted once again explains to the man about what the monkey did.
"Doesn't surprise me". " Ever since he ate that dumb cue ball he measures everthing first"