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    American Standard F-80 Furnace Ignitor Burns Out

    Hello all, I bought my home in March 09 and there is an AS freedom 80 HE two speed furnace (2003) in it. When I initially whet to start it I got nine flashes and removed the ignitor (silicon nitrate, 80V) and it looked like it was glowing for six years, it was very thin in the middle almost like some one whittled it like a twig in the middle. So I went and bought a new one which was a small fortune, $+ and it started and worked fine. About a month later the same thing happened so I replaced it again. About a month later it happened again so I called local supply houses and Trane/AS and they said they have no idea what the problem is other than dirty electric or a bad board ($+) so we installed a capacitor. It worked fine for about a month then summer arrived. I turned the heat on two weeks ago and it worked fine until I got home yesterday, the ignitor is smoked again. All voltage is fine. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
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    Call a trane or AS dealer and have them check the board and the voltage coming to the ignotor
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    $ plus, times four ... times capacitor ... times time = stupid

    Call someone that knows what they are doing, and backs up their work. It would have cost you less, and kept your family safe.

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    yes I understand its stupid and that doesn't help but what does matter is that the above said work was done by an HVAC contractor that is a rep of Trane and they don't know either. Thus the reason reaching out to thousands of people on this forum. Moreover the voltage is accurate at 80 coming in to the ignitor.

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    If it was done by an HVAC contractor. then it should stuill be under his warranty.
    And you should call him back. And he can talk to Tech support while he is there.

    Questions and discussions pertaining to HVAC for the home. No pricing, no DIY, Thank You.

    Please read Site Rules Thank you.

    PS: I removed the prices in your post.
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