Yea it fired up ok after the leak repair. The gas shut off is about ten feet away.
Here is a list I sent to the bank:

Issues with furnace and AC install.

1. Water is leaking down the exhaust form the roof onto the top of the furnace.
2. Water heater is vented with light gauge aluminum pipe. (code violation)
3. There is no drip leg on the vent stack. (code violation)
4. Water heater and furnace are common vented without automatic draft damper. (code violation)
5. Extra wires coming into the furnace.
6. No disconnect or cover on the single gang box for incoming electrical power.
7. Furnace is sitting flat on the floor in a wet basement. (will rust out)
8. Furnace is not leveled.
9. No furnace filter.
10. Restrictive supply and return ducting.
11. Improper duct sizing, installation, and sealing.
12. Furnace is over fired.
13. There is a supply vent installed on the supply plenum between the furnace and evaporator coil for the AC.

This furnace and air conditioning system and duct system should be torn out and replaced with a properly sized and installed system. System should be installed in accordance to building and safety codes in a neat and workman like manner.

Please call for an estimate if interested.

I doubt that they will do anything about it.