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    rapid zone scheduling ugh!

    i have been tasked with setting up lonstation and adding 15a's for scheduling.
    in order to avoid hacking the rapid zone program and having to install a gang of 15a's (limited to 18 Schedule assignments) i came up with a bright idea.

    schedule a digital output through the ss loop and and have the do open and close the time clock input. genius. well i think the timeclock di doesn't like the 15c do. im guessing triac issues. any way around this without installing a bunch of relays ? maybe a resistor ?
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    If you have LonSpec you could do a project backup from the network screen in RapidZone then restore to LonSpec. Go to Network, Refer Points. Select the XL15A as the source controller and TOD Event 1 as the source point. Select all zone controllers that couldn't be directly scheduled in the destination controllers and nviTodEvent as the destination point.

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