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    Wow. I just want to thank you guys for posting to this thread. This is excellent because there is a lot of knowledge and experience here. Thank you very, very much for the advice! In this day and age, yes tenants are the lifeblood of the building and I don't milk properties. I keep them in good shape so tenants concentrate on their businesses and not on how to get out of a lease or where to move to next. I really appreciate the input.

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    Also if your existing duct system is sized properly for a nominal 15 ton system and you install a nominal 10 ton system , its pretty much guaranteed somebody is not getting the same amount of airflow/ventilation that they use too.

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    Good point. It looks like it will be a Coleman (York) 15 ton unit. 12 EER. 2 stage heat and 2 stage cool, with an economizer. At least we had a break in the weather so I could take some time to get on here and make sure this was right. Thanks for all the input!

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