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    Install video

    This is my first install video, it is short and a little grainy.

    Sorry about the details had to keep it under a minute. Hunting cabin I just completed for a guy.

    He has 1 14 seer split system with gas heat, 2 stage gas furnace with 2 inch filter base. Variable speed motors and the whole bit. Fairly upscale for a hunting cabin.

    Upstairs has a 16.5 seer fuji mini split with 2 wall cassettes 9,000 btus each. Within a few mins max run time it was 80+ degrees upstairs. It was 50 degrees outside. Heat pump with no electric heat. I was really impressed.. I know that 50 degrees isn't that low but we had the cooling on downstairs. Pretty nice..

    Notice you can't hear either unit run? I promise they are. Very nice.

    Only noise was air noise and initial start up.

    Watch video here
    R-HVAC techs make the world a cool place.

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    dont give up your day job your film makin is a bit shaky

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    lol no doubt.
    R-HVAC techs make the world a cool place.

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