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    Webctrl error message

    Need help with Webctrl error message: Error #7001: Unknown Trend Source.
    Catagory: System Error Device ID= 8:240138 object ID=20:22.
    When I go to its location no alarms. Deleted this device from site bulider still system alarm. Have taking all 11 LGR/LGE's out of service. Still get alarms, is it possible being generrated from the server?
    Thank you

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    Even though you deleted the module with that device id, it is still on the network. You could try removing the program from the device via SiteBuilder and re-downloading the module. This will clear out the module's memory, and then you will know for sure if it something wacky with the module, or with the program inside the module...

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    re-downloaded , all o.k. thank you. sorry late getting back.

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