on this Holiday. Anyone got one? Share it.

I was out in the country visiting a friend who started raising turkeys that year. We were out in the goo and he said I could have one free. Not to be greedy I picked one that limped a little. We boxed it (live) and I went back to the city with the turkey the wife thought I went to the store for. Had to get it like the weekend before so she could thaw it etc. HeHe. Little did she know.

So she got home and said "Did you get the turkey?" "Yep. It's in the basement." Guess it chased her back up the steps. "You idiot!"

So I let it cluck for a day or so and I noticed the limp was worse than I first saw. Well, we chopped off the head and were plucking it when we saw his upper leg was full of gangrene! Into the garbage can. No one wanted turkey. We ate a ham.