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    Hooking up thermostat?

    I purchased a hunter thermostat to replace my old one. Out of the wall there is 5 wires (g,r,y,w,b). The previous thermostat only used 4 wires (g,r,y,w). The new thermostat is a 5 wire thermostat and has the following terminals (g,rh,rc,y,w) and it has a jumper that goes from rh to rc. Which wires go to which terminals? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    No DIY answers allowed on this site, read the rules. Otherwise just google 5 wire thermostat install.

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    thermostat !
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    Questions and discussions pertaining to HVAC for the home. No pricing, no DIY, Thank You.

    Please read Site Rules Thank you.

    Don't cuss at members that are following site rules.
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