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    Just wanted to tell everyone to have a Happy and a Safe Thanksgiving Holiday. I'll be shoving those groceries down my neck, for sure!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'll second that,happy turkey day to all.

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    Yes, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be thankful for your freedom and your blessings. Be thankful for HVAC-Talk!

    Have a good one, we would love to see some pics!

    don sleeth - HVAC-Talk Founder
    HVAC Computer Systems
    Heat Load Calculation Software

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    Yes Happy Thanksgiving and included in my thanks is
    all the useful info and help on hvac-talk and posters of such.
    And to all you Canadians who get to celebrate it twice,
    I hope you enjoy it.

    Note from internet post:
    >>Incidentally, if you’re wondering why Canada celebrates Thanksgiving nearly two months earlier than the U.S., the Encarta encyclopedia explains that: “Because Canada is north of the United States, its harvest comes earlier in the year. Accordingly, the Thanksgiving holiday falls earlier in Canada than in the United States. The Canadian Parliament set aside November 6 for annual Thanksgiving observances in 1879. In 1957 the date was shifted to an even earlier day, to the second Monday in October.

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    Talking Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!!

    First Turkey pic. We're doing ours tonight so we can rest tomorrow. Thanks for you all being here, it may sound corny but I am thankful for this website and all you friends I know here. Have a warm, fun & safe Thanksgiving.

    Your Friend,
    David "OTTO" Weddell


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