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    Post Performance issue on DX split systemS

    Have two Carrier reverse cycle 25 kw DX split ducted system, both with high supeheat but one has low sub-cooling and the other high!

    System 1- Ambient 20c DB 15.5c WB, Return Air 22c DB & 17c WB
    Indoor coil split 7.1c superheat 15c Subcooling 8c
    Suction pressure 58 psi Discharge pressure 188 psi
    System short of Refrigerant? (R22)

    System 2-Ambient 16c DB 10.5c WB, Return Air 23.5c DB & 18c WB
    Indoor coil split 9.3c superheat 12.5c Subcooling 16c
    Suction pressure 56 psi Discharge pressure 192 psi
    Adjust TXV superheat setting?

    Airflow 31447 cfm, coils etc all OK, three speed condenser fan motor wired to high speed for high summer ambients.

    Options please
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