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Thread: Cape cod system

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    Cape cod system


    Hear are the numbers you requested.

    Gas 1.08 ccf
    Electric: dist .05, transmission .01272, transition .02, Ren energy .0005, enrgy consrvtion .0025, Generation 12.6 cents/kwh = .22 cents/kwh

    Post your delivered price for gas (in $$ per therm, or $$ per ccf) and for electricity (in $$ per kw-hr). For electricity, delivered price = generation + transmission + distribution.

    (I am hiring an HVAC/plumber to put in a Goodman VS Gas Furnace(95%), Goodman 2.5 ton 2 Stage HPump, (maybe a filter,no humidification). The house is a 1450sqft Cape Cod Style,(on Cape Cod) and is down to the studs(its a renovation). I am having duct work put in that will serve double duty,heat and AC.
    The house will be well insulated and doors and windows will be replaced.
    A new Rinnai Tankless 75LSI will cover the domestic hot water.
    Am I saving money using a heat pump vs a straight A/C unit, since the HP is much more efficient. Most of the winter the house will be at 55 as we live in NY. I thought the dual fuel system might be a good solution. I like to understand what's going in and why.
    Thanks Again

    2.5 ton Goodman 15 seer R-410A Gas 95% Dual Fuel heat pump system SSZ140301A/GMV950704CXA/CAPF3642C6A (Includes TXV Expansion Valve)

    Take care.
    Gary G

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    why a heat pump? willit be a ground source heat pump if not the electric rate will kill your budget every month.

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