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    Hmm EK1 system 2000 vs Solaia (biasi)

    I thought I was almost done choosing a new Boiler for my >2000 sf home (copper finned baseboard 2 zones, currently dhw coil switching to Indirect or system 2000 tank) in central CT, but have been confounded by variety of choices. At this point I am trying to decide between System 2000 or Biasi. I like the system 2000 for quietness, taking air from outside allowing me to seal with a real door the room the boiler will be located in, and its purported efficiency. Having said that, it seems the Biasi/Solaia with a Riello burner will be close to as quiet as the system 2000, has similar low water content, and if paired with Tekmar 260 may offer similar efficiency at lower cost, is cast iron, does not have flat plate heat exchanger (which may be $$ down the road)
    1.) What do y'all think of either system pro vs con?
    2.) Does Beckett burner offer same purge ability as Riello, or will a tiger loop fulfill same function?
    3.) Can system 2000 benefit from beckett heat manager? or will their system manager make this set up problematic?
    4.) Beckett heat manager vs. tekmar 260, are they same or is one better than the other?
    5.) Can Biasi/Solaia be set up to take outside air allowing me to seal with non louvered door at boiler room?
    All input/comments/advice greatly appreciated, all this research making me crazy, but has opened my eyes to some amazing developments in this industry, just wish I figure out whats best.

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    They're both good boilers, to be honest I have very little experience with the system 2000, I've installed several of the Solaia, and I'am very happy with them.

    I recently installed SLD375 Solaia with a Riello BF5 burner, this is a direct vent set-up which doesn't use a chimney, and is a very quiet burner.

    This boiler also uses A Beckett afg burner and you can add a fresh air kit, and also a Beckett NX burner that can do fresh air or direct vent.

    The Solaia also can use the Carlin ez-1 burner, which is also very reliable.

    The Solaia also has it's own control panel, "the Solaia sentry" which is supposed to perform like the heat manager.

    I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but if you find a good installer and someone you can trust to do a good job, you can't go wrong with either one.

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    Yes thx mlstark, dilemna remains, culled the field of 10 to 2 and am left with both equally (apparently) qualified and competent, both will make either available, and seem as comfortable with one install as the other....1 offers sytem 2000 for just under 4 figures less than the other, but is about 20 minutes farther away.
    Dilemna remains which will burn less oil ek1 or solaia(w/ODR)?

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