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    Car Insurance

    Hey all, I got a question about what happens to your insurance rates in an accident, even if its not your fault. Say you have an accident and the other guy is clearly at fault. If he is willing to pay for your damage are you better off than going through insurance? I've been told in the past even though its not your fault your rates could go up and you would now have an accident on your record. I live in Florida. I'm not sure if this varies from State to State.
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    It does vary from place to place but i'm from Ontario,Canada and I have heard of peoples insurance going up after a non-fault accident because they made a claim. My best advice would be to settle it outside of insurance if you can.

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    If the accident is not your fault then the claim is filed under the other persons insurance. You can contact your insurance company to file the claim for you but it's all handled by the other persons insurance, unless they are uninsured. Then your insurance would cover it and file a claim against the other driver. Either way if your not at fault your insurance should not go up, and if it did I would get another insurance company.

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