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Thanks for the reassurances....I can return the torn up check to the customer with out a problem, it is only in 3 large pieces, so he can have it back with no need to order a stop payment on it....My old boss is aware of this site, and does come on it, but not frequently, and would not know me by my id, in fact I don't really care if he did read this post....
He is an out right looser, I know he will not chase me for the money, really I should just go back to the customer and explain to him that I quit on the Friday and the Saturday call should have been mine and have him make it out to me. Either that or just basically forget about the whole thing and take it as a lesson learned.

btw...The guy has no insurance for his business, or his vehicles, or his own home for that matter. He declared bankruptcy about 6 weeks after I started, but still continues to work and just has ppl put the checks in his name..not his companys name...He prefers to just work for cash and fly under the radar....He does a ton of lets say...not quite code compliant type stuff for people that want it and know that they are breaking the code and that he was the man to call to have it done. I don't know how he sleeps at night.
Eventually he'll get caught and pay the price. Still it's scary that someone like that could walk into someone's home and service a furnace and ultimately cause someone to get injured or killed.

As for the customer returning the check would be the right thing to do. Asking the customer to pay you might be pushing it. Now if you explain to the customer that you left working for the owner for moral and ethical reasons but I wouldn't go into the details and if they ever need service work give them your phone number. Then again since not really knowing the customer returning the check and walking away might be best.