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This must be someone from L&I, for a certificate of occupancy, right?
Nope, just a guy the buyers hired to protect their interests.
If you could see the serious stuff this guy missed. like the return duct in the garage, which some cable dope ripped off to fish a wire.

Or the numerous open splice boxes with taped wires instead of wire nuts, or the buried Orange extension cord that runs out the basement window and feeds the front lamppost, the original wire shorted out on the rusty conduit that was buried 30 years ago.

In a nutshell the place is a mechanical nightmare, I told the owner he got off cheap.

One item that was not on the sheet I posted was the condensate pump drain line pumping into a lav in the basement bathroom, ICK!
Nothing like washing your hands in a sink with nasty sump water pumping in there.

Did you ever see the money pit? They I think this place was the second runner up.