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    Newb in need of help

    Hello everyone. I need a little help with my father's heating and a/c system. He has owned the house only a few years. During the summer he lost power at his house which resulted in all the settings of his system being reset (his battery backup needs to be replaced). Even with the switch for the system off the heat would run even if it was hot outside. The problem now with it being so cold is that some rooms are extremely hot while others are cold. There is no control over the unit.

    So we contacted a few places to come look at the system and was told that they were not equipped to work with our system. One guy told us that he knows a few people that might be able to help. He later told us the guy that has the equipment and software moved away a while back. We also got an estimate from a local guy who said he could fix it for $ dollars. Just to change the settings? That didn't seem right to me.

    I did find some time of computer that was near the heating and a/c system that seems like something I can use. But I'm not sure. So I am in need of a little information on what my options are and if there are any software/control units that I can use. I don't know anything about the system so I took some pics that could help. Thanks for any advice and help in advance and I apologize if I posted in the wrong section.

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