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    Amtrol Boilermate Issues

    We had our 3rd Amtrol Boilermate start to leak in less than 10 years. They have replaced the system 2x, only to have it start to leak again. The last system started to leak in less than 1 year. This last time, the Extrol Tank failed and now is filled with water. We have engaged in dialog with Amtrol close to 6 weeks without resolution. They tried to blame the problem on our water being acidic. We recently had an independent lab that does testing for the DEP do testing on the water with it coming back as PH 7.5,TDS 346, Alk 216, CA 63,6. The tech specialist from Amtrol told us over the phone there should not be any problems because of the water. based on this analysis and that he would contact the warranty department to replace the unit.

    We started working through our Oil Company and the local Amtrol Dealer to resolve the problem and get the replacement in as soon as possible. The Amtrol Warranty Head told our Oil Company that the soonest they could have a tank available would be 2-3 weeks, and that we the owners would have to foot the cost and would be rebated after the tank was returned to them and that they determined if the problem was a defect. The cost of completion of the work would be $ that we would have to eat until they made a determination. Then on top of that, the Warranty Dept said they would not warrant the new unit in the future.

    Currently we are without heat in the house since the leak is so profuse that the water is being piped through a hose to a drain in the basement. We are receiving enough hot water to bathe, but the cost of heating water for heating the house is so prohibitive. We have (2) fifty-five gallon tanks of oil, of which we have utilized 1/2 of the oil in 6 weeks (the amount of oil that is utilized to make it through the winter months.)

    We are open for any suggestions that can be given. Based on Amtrol's inability to stand behind its products, we are very reluctant to go with another Amtrol Boilermate.
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