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    so how some people how has been working in maintenance are able to put that time as experience on trade?

    they dont even have contractor license


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    First Wolfdog is right on the money!

    So your experiecnce is going to be the determining factor. If you have related experiecne that is provable it may be considered. Examples that I have seen used are:
    Maintenance Technicians who work with related equipment.
    Electrician working on related equipment.

    But of course you have to be able to prove the experience is directly related to the license you are applying for.

    In Texas over the last 3 years the average indiviudal who applies for a Class B license has 3.2 years of verifiabel experience and 1 year of related education, and just over 30% of them pass the exams. For the Class A licenses the average applicant has 17.5 Years experience and over 4.5 years of related education and just over 63% of them pass. There is a direct connection between experience and being able to pass the exams.
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