I'm not sure if you guys can help me or not. I'm sorry if I'm on the wrong forum.
I have a Bryant 383kav Upflow Gas Furnace that decided not to work on this could weather. I am insisting in fixing it my self, so I start reading and testing.
Here are my conclusions so far:
- when the thermostat kicks in the blower starts for about 90 sec after that the inducer fan start and the LED is blinking code 31.
- I physically checked the all the parts, I did ran a test by jumping Com 24V to Test terminal and everything seems to be fine. I also ran a different test jumped R to W and the 31 code came on again.
- the filter is new, the vent pipe is not blocked, the igniter and flame check electrode are all clean and good
Tonight I will buy a measuring device to check all terminal for appropriate power voltage.
The only thing I couldn't check was the gas valve, it doesn't click, I suspect that could be the problem.
In the past we always had problems starting the furnace, but after couple start cycles it did go on and work just fine, this year it didn't.
I need your advise to identify the faulty part and change.
Thank you for you