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    Confused Daddys not so loved duties

    this is hilarious but not true about all guys though, although when my 2 & 3 1/2 year old were about 0-1 in age there was a few times it came close

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    Wusses...I was changing diapers on my siblings and cousins at age 10.
    (The wise men of modern thought) adore a god made of putty or of wax - plastic, effeminate, molluscous, with no masculine faculty about him, and no quality that entitles him to the respect of just and honest men, for a being who cannot be angry at wrongdoing is destitute of one of the essential virtues, and a moral Ruler who is not angry with the wicked, and who refuses to punish crime, is not divine. ---Spurgeon

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaygetz View Post
    Wusses...I was changing diapers on my siblings and cousins at age 10.

    That's kind of old to still be wearing diapers ...

    Well, they are your relatives ... so it is maybe about right ...

    "Nothing else can poison our culture, corrupt our society or ruin the character of our people like unearned money or unearned opportunity." -- James R. Cook

    "Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. Nobody will use it, ever." Thomas Edison, 1889.

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    I wouldn't know anything about that, I have a dog.

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    I have never had a problem changing any of my kids diapers.
    Karst means cave. So, I search for caves.

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