I recently purchased a house that has a Travis Industries flush wood insert (the Perfect Fit model) in the fireplace. The first time I used it, the blower worked fine. The second time, nothing -- blower motors never kicked after several hours. Nothing since then.

The house's previous owner lived here for 9 years, so the unit is no older than that.

I removed the face of the insert and all the wires look connected. I have a circuit tester light; there is current running from the outlet and through the cord and a hot wire that runs between the two blower motors. There seems to be no current running to the rheostat/switch.

The owner's manual to the insert says that the blower only kicks on when the stove is hot. I can see two wires running underneath the firebox to what I'm guessing is a solid state thermocouple. I assume that if that device is fried then no current goes to the rheostat/switch and thus no current to the blower motors either.

Does this sound logical? Am I missing something obvious? I'm a bit suspicious that the thing died after I used it only once.

Any suggestions? I haven't found any fireplace retailers who service these inserts, and I've emailed Travis Industries directly, but no response yet.

Please don't suggest that I replace the thermocouple myself. It looks totally inaccessible.