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    The dinosaur is gone

    Today I change a Lennox g8137 furnace> the damm thing had the original gas valve and other controls. Only the blower motor was changed.
    Serial number was 66-12. Now this is well befor my time, havent even seen a g8 for 12 years and am not sure if the 66 is the year.

    I also changed the Honneywell T90 stat with the lennox name on it.

    Here is the catch. no visible cracks in the heat exchaner in the normal locations. If it was a g12 it would have been done.

    Home owner opted for a 80% but its still going to save some decent money

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    real steel in the HX..............not that crappy stamped stuff
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    I still service gravity or retrofitted gravity furnaces that are 2-3 times older then me, built in the early 40's cant crack a steel heat exchanger it seems. Cost an arm and a leg to run too.
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    I don't know
    I always thought the G12 was steel.

    G8s were manufactured in canada until the early 90s. (design probably revised a few times - larger blowers for a/c and electronic ignition)
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    standing pilot, belt drive on this baby.

    lennox would be so proud

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