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    Confused Honeywell OL11-112

    Thermo pride oil burner, forced hot air.

    Hi everyone I have one of these and it won't stay on. It worked great all winter, was serviced and cleaned last October, I ran it once back in May or June this year during the rain spell and it worked perfectly fine then too. I kicked on the thermostat this September and it wouldn't run. If I hit the resest button, it will fire up just fine, burn for about a minute, and then just shuts down. There's half a tank of oil (plenty), it's been bleed multiple times, fires and burns just fine, but just won't stay on to heat the house. What coule it be'?

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    time to call you service technician

    that model # has nothing to do with honeywell
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    Its October again. So now would be a good time to have it cleaned and serviced again.

    Too many possibilities to guess at over the internet.

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