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    Can someone please help?? I can't figure out what’s wrong..

    I have an old Trane System (blu045e924b1), its gas and it all of a sudden stopped working. The fan will come on and if I turn it to ac it works fine.. I don’t know much about HVAC systems but I did do some quick trouble shooting.

    • All connections are in good condition.
    • The 2 fuses connected to the gas valve/AVG (model 36C03-222) are in good working order.
    • Pilot system in good working order. ( I don’t know how to test the Thermocouple but I assume that the pilot would not work if it was bad)
    • Thermostat is wired right and in good working order with fresh batteries. It is a newer thermostat and it is on its 2nd season.

    Any ideas on how I can get some heat in my house? I am thinking I have a bad gas valve but I would like some help.. Thanks in advance for anything you can do.


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    This is not a DIY site try reading the rules before you post.

    Call a pro spend some money and sleep in safety and comfort.

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    Please read the rules before further posting. This is not a DIY help site.

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