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    Question Combustion Blower Operation

    I recently installed a Quadra Fire 1200i and am not sure of the proper operation especially concerning the combustion or exhaust blower. When a fire is 1st started, the exhaust fan is on at high speed then when it warms up it shifts to a lower speed. This seems normal but is still very noisy and sparks are flying around inside the fire chamber at a pretty good rate. My question is: does the exhaust blower ever turn all the way off once the fire is going good? It seems that once a good draft is going, the blower is no longer needed.

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    Review the manual and DVD that came with your stove. Yes, the combustion blower has to run the entire burn cycle. The fan speed is matched to the pellet feed rate based upon which setting you choose: Hi, Med, Low. The computer does the rest. The sparks fly around as new pellets fall into the burn pot.

    The answers you seek came with your stove. Also, if you bought the stove from a retailer, they should have explained all this. Where are they in this?


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    It is a used unit

    Sorry, I should have mentioned that it was a 2 year old unit that I purchased second hand. If I run the fan out of the stove at full voltage it is quiet, installed it is noisy.

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