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    Fireplace to wall switch

    Can someone help me determine who to call?

    I purchased a house with a gas fireplace connected to a wall switch. Unfortunately the inspector told me that the switch was never correctly connected to the fireplace. Who would I call to remedy this situation? An electrician? A HVAC specialist? A Fireplace specialist? I am in Georgia.

    Thanks all!

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    A fireplace specialist so he can also test the set for proper operation once its wired up. He will know whether or not he can do the wiring or if an electrician is needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suwanee View Post
    ...gas fireplace connected to a wall switch.
    ...the switch was never correctly connected to the fireplace.
    So the gas fireplace requires electricity? If you flip the wall switch, what happens? Does it kill the power to the gas fireplace?

    There's an empty wall box next to the fireplace in my lower level. The wiring appears to be set up to provide power into the fireplace. But it was never hooked up. It's as if they anticipated powering a blower or something from a switch mounted in this electrical box, but one was never installed. So I have this blank wall box sitting there for no real purpose.

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    It's possible it could be for turning on a fan, but most modern fireplaces with a fan actually have a heat sensing switch that brings on the fan automatically and the majority of log sets can be turned on with out even opening the fireplace. The wall box can have just a switch installed in it or even a thermostat that turns the flame on and off. Most of the ones we sell now have a remote control just like your TV so you don't even have to get out of your chair to turn on the fire.

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    Cool get a pro

    You need to get a pro in there. Preferrably one that has been factory trained on that brand and is NFI Certified in Gas:

    This may be a standing pilot Fp with a low voltage wallswitch or it may be electronic ignition. If electronic ignition, there may be a wall switch that is 110vac or low AC voltage. Then, regardless of the igintion system/burner, it may have a separate wallswitch or rheostat for a convection blower.

    If this is a millivolt valve and your electrician connects 110vac to it, the valve will blow, possibly shocking someone or starting a fire and the valve will need to be replaced.

    Look on the rating plate attached to the fireplace to get the make, model and serial number then contact the mfr. for the contact info. of a tech near you. Then look him up to see if he's also NFI certified or not. If you don't have a manual with the fireplace, the mfr. can provide one or a link to a download online. The manual will show the wiring diagram.


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    My neighbor has a similar set-up and her pilot light is continuously on at a low setting -- switching on the light simply turns on the fire at a larger level.

    Does that help clear things up? As of now, I do not have the pilot light lit as I want to ensure it is safe and hooked up correctly prior to lighting.

    I really appreciate all the advice!

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    It is Heat n Glo model #8000TR Vented Gas Fireplace

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