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    I'll do what it takes

    Hey guys,

    Recent trade school graduate, hold gastite card, epa universal, epa 410a certified, and hvac excellence in gas heating.
    I'm looking for an apprentice job in CT or southern MA area Springfield area to be exact. I'm a hard dedicated worker and I can get the job done and done right. This is my career and this just isn't a job to me. As the title says I'll do what it takes to become a good tech for your company.
    Hopefully somebody out there is willing to give an apprentice a hand starting out, I know all you owners some time or another have been in my shoes and can understand how hard it is to find that apprentice position.
    I thank you for the time and appreciate it.
    you can reach me through here or at

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    pssst take yer e-mail off here.. before they holla at ya.. look at you might find something there..

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    As someone that's almost in your shoes I'll tell you what I have done. I walked into about 6-7 local businesses in my Lincoln Tech uniform and asked to talk to the owner. I explained that I am currently in school and all I'm looking for is to ride along with someone. The only owner that was in had gone to Lincoln Tech in '79, and I started riding along with him that very day. I can't put a price on the hands I get. I have a GPA of 4.0 because of this hands on. The best part is I start as a full time employee the day after I graduate next month.

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