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    It's been awhile since I've read this thread, but wyowanderer brought up a good point and I'd like to clarify Briant's comment.

    If you see a capital "H" flashing several times in a row (without any numbers following it), this means the heat is starting to turn on (in Layman's terms, for people like myself). This procedure should take roughly 30 seconds.

    After, the heat starts (or ramps up), then it will start displaying either a capital "H" or lowercase "h" followed by numbers (as stated in earlier posts).

    Long story short, you should ignore the capital "H" flashing several times in a row. What you should be more concerned about is AFTER the heat turns on (or ramps up), then check to see if it shows a captial "H" followed by numbers (which means the G71 is NOT setup correctly), or a lowercase "h" followed by numbers (which means it's setup correctly).

    I hope this helps people to be aware of the sitatuion. I'm not advocating DIY. If you think it's not setup correctly, call your HVAC installer.

    "H H H H H H H H" - Heat is starting to turn on (ramping up). This is expected whether it's setup in duel stage mode or variable stage mode.

    "H1 A449" - Heater is on and running in duel stage mode (NOT setup correctly)

    "h45 A449" - Heater is on and running in variable stage mode (setup correctly)

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    how do i ask question about my G71mpp?


    I have Lennox G71MPP with Lennox 5000 thermastat
    LED is displaying H1A622 what does this mean.

    Dip switches
    1 off
    2 off
    3 off
    All appear to be default

    question is is furnace set up correctly?


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    Go Here its the residential forum home page.
    Click on "New thread" tab on left. Its just above the blue bar that says Threads in forum.

    Then make title and ask your question.
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