I am not an electrical engineer and I don't play one on TV. I am working on a Trane CVHA-025, with a wye-delta closed transition starter. The motor design is 208 volts, 392 RLA, 3860 LRAD, 1265 LRAY, OLTA is 425. The Allen-Bradley time inverse overload is calibrated to trip at 247amps and to hold 1278 amps for 41 seconds at start up. The overload point of 247 amps is not the question, the high amperage, which is more then the lock rotor wye is what I am concerned about. I know under certain starting conditions it may take a motor a while to come up to speed, but allowing it to draw more then lock rotor for 41 seconds sounds a bit extreme. Also the Cutler- Hammer contacts are cooked, but not just the contact area the copper bridge is discolored from heat as are the copper bases of the 2 mounted contacts. This is on the three major contactors, all contacts.The contactors are rated at 250 amps @ 480 volts (1M and 2M) and 200 amps @480 volts (shorting). The chiller starts okay but the shorting contactor sounds like there is arcing going on as the motor starts and begins to come up to speed (last about 10 seconds) I am thinking the contacts are undersized for the load. The 1M and 2M are Cutler-Hammer C32LN-3, and the shorting is C/H C32KN-3 and both are series A-1. The motor itself checks out okay any of the 6 t-legs to ground show 475 meg ohms to ground and 1 gig ohm between the 3 windings. I believe the chiller came with this equipment from Trane back in 1982 when the chillers were installed.