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Thread: Multimeters???

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    Fluke has an HVAC kit out there too. Super nice. Probably worth as much as my beater lol.

    This is what I have except it's a kit with the hook attachment.

    As you can see its a bit of a learners meter lol.

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    This is the fluke combo I carry it's about $230.
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    I used a UEI DM383 (?) for about 6 years as a "Beater" till one of the LED segments went out, not bad for 50 bucks, bought a TPI 133 (?) and it survived for almost 10 years till it lied and said 575VAC on a 480 circuit. I have had a Fluke 87 as the Serious meter for 12 years. It stays in the truck till I really need it. If someone decided to relieve me of a "Beater" I'd be pi$$ed but not like I would be if the 87 walked off.

    Couldn't find another TPI locally so I bought a Fluke 116, doesnt do 4-20mA (duh, I should have read the specs) so I swapped it for a Fluke 115. I am still looking for another TPI but I am getting really used to the 115. I know several people that are sold out on the Amprobe meters lots of feature for half the price of a fluke.

    Get a CATIII minimum, that alone can save your skin. JMO
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    Another vote for Fluke.
    I hate to second guess a tool.

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    The Fluke 902 w/ thermocouple rocks but also use a cheaper Craftsman DMM for general purpose use.


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