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    temp. power generators

    Winter is coming and i am looking for a generator..not to run my furnace. I was out of power for 2 weeks last year after a ice storm, not going to do that again. Looking for something to power several electric heaters and two box fans.
    any brands u like or size?

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    Ya know, I have to tell you. I lived for 7 years on generator power. Honda is the best. I changed the synthetic oil often and it lasted forever. Quiet and very dependable. Did I mention it was very Quiet. Overhead cam style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowirenut View Post
    several electric heaters

    @ 1 kw each

    two box fans.
    @100 (?) w each [your furnace blower takes 300w to a kw].

    At 5 kw a gallon of gas will last you ~2 hours or less.

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