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    Just a question............was this maint. man EPA Certified???

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    Somehow I doubt he was. I'll bet he was the low priced guy, though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS134 View Post
    Just a question............was this maint. man EPA Certified???
    Ya for asbestos abatement.
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    One of my wealther customers allowed his nephew

    who is in tech school to tune up one of his 7 condensing units. Unfortunately the nephew started with the home theater unit.

    He told his uncle I did not know what I was doing because a few units did not have filter dryers in the compressor units (his terminology).

    The nephew and a few of his tech school classmates fixed the situation by installing the missing filter in the unit. The picture is attached. Unfortunately he installed one of those new discharge line filter dryers , and broke the line off at the condensing coil. He did somehow braze the line back on, which allowed the unit to run long enough for him to get paid and get out of Dodge.

    I was kind of happy for his efforts, I wanted to change this antique York out. So this is one example of a DIY doing good.

    I was thinking, maybe I could set this kid up with his buddies, you know an add in the Penny Pincher paper. Send him out on his own to replace and install discharge filter dryers all day and night.
    Later I could advertise to these folks, yeah that's the ticket....!

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    sorry couldn't help myself.
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    at least the drier is pointed in the right direction.

    looks like he saw the u-tube video on brazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hammerbayer View Post
    Had a customer call me after their A/C units stopped working. They had a maintenance mechanic from a neighboring restaurant take over the PM on their units (cost effective). He told them their cooling problem was air in the lines of their units and that he had to bleed off the air from the units then top them off with freon. The owner got charged for 10# of 134A to replace the air in their 4 systems. Too bad they were R22 units.....

    I had a Trane 7.5 ton CU that had a bleeder on the top of the outdoorcoil. I think it had r500 in it and i watched an old timer purge it for a few minutes then charge it up to "beer can cold". I think that the unit was from the early 60's. It was an old Chevy car dealership and the unit did the showroom.
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