I'm here at camp, known to us as the farm, enjoying the new high speed internet, beer, and our wood burner.

I never liked the wood burner when Dad was alive. Too much drinking, not enough prudence, I was afraid he was gonna burn down my inheritance. Now that I pay the propane bill, I love the wood burner!

I don't know much about burning wood. I have a pile of aged wood, some tarped and dry, some rained on. Its poplar, oak, and cherry in my pile. My stove is a small Vogelzang with a Air intake adjustment at the door, an a damper in the 6" exhaust. I added a thermometer in the exhaust, 3 feet above the stove. The scale shows 400-900 as normal.

My routine is to start with some paper and kindling and one log, with the damper and air wide open. When it gets going I close the damper, and adjust the air to keep the temp in the middle, which is hard. My temp drops when I add a new log.

How should I be running this thing? Any tips to get it burning from a cold start (sometimes very cold, lowest temperature my indoor thermometer read last winter was 14!) What is your setup?

I must say I feel good now. Its our anniversary and my wife's birthday. I got up at 5:30, sat in a tree until 9:00. Then I pounded in some corner posts, and ran one strand around our new pasture, about 4 acres, I think. Then I sat in a tree again until dark. Unfortunately, no deer interrupted my tree sitting. Then we had a baked chicken, that I grew and butchered. Now I'm enjoying my three kids, a warm fire, and I finished my beer. I never have beer at home. I bought this case in May or June, still have a few left. Its my treat up here.

The pasture is my wife's birthday present. That sounds bad, its for her horses, not her.