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    Heat pump cycling

    Hi there, I recently had a heat pump installed in my house. The contractor also installed a Aube controller. The controller’s manual says that if the temperature varies 1.5 degrees above or below the set point it will turn on the pump. The pump comes on ten minutes after it turns off even though the temperature hasn’t deviated from the set point which seems excessive and I wasn’t sure if that was bad for the pump. The controller was also configured so that the cycles per hour was set at six, which is was recommended for electric heat. The other options are three cph for 90% + efficient furnace, four cph for gas or oil or five cph for gas or oil also. I called a York representative, which is what my pump is, and they said the cph aren’t really the amount of times the pump comes on in a hour. This confused me because that seem to be what the manual said it was. But it was also a little confusing on what it had already said about the pump only coming on with the variance of the temperature to the set point. Does this sound normal or possibly a thermostat problem?

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    Better to have it set to 3CPH.

    The CPH setting, is the rate at 50% load. So as it gets colder out, it will cycle more. And as it gets warmer out, it will cycle less.
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