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Thread: jobs up north?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrishvacman View Post
    chicago or north carolina anywhere where there is a season

    Since when is N.C. considered up north? Same deal here hot humid summers. Winter is cold but not near as busy as the summer months. Your never gonna find a perfect climate if you do you'll be out of a job.
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    If you want to stay a wus, stay down there. If you want to walk off a roof at 3am having saved the world, in 20 below weather, snowing, and be a REAL MAN, then yeagh it's better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrishvacman View Post
    How are jobs up north for hvac-r techs? I'm south and getting sick of the non stop summer temps. It's october and it's 110 degrees on a roof. Is there a slow season, here winter is pretty dead.
    Funny how when it's 110 out we want summer to end. Then when it gets -10 out we want summer to get here quickly. And if it's mild out we're still b#$%ing cause theres no work.
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    Chicago Is Cold

    Good luck on your job search, but just so you know, Chicago is a bit chilly.
    The Chicago roofing contractor business is an interesting one. I wish you the best of luck!

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