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    Total Noob Here NEED HELP!

    I am having a new boiler and central air installed and wanted to know the quality of these items and if I should upgrade the air controller? The boiler is a UTICA MGB75HID Rev 5.... The indirect water heater is a Bock SideKick 40SK and the Compressor is an American Standard 4A7A5024 E1000A.... The air controller(heating and cooling coil) is a First Co. 24HBXB-HW.... I also am wondering if its worth the extra $ to exchange the air controller for the matching american standard one that goes with the compressor to get the tax credit? any thoughts or opinions? Is this going to be a sufficient system that will last me if installed correctly? Any tips I should be aware of while this work is being done?

    The house is a 1,000sqf ranch and they are going to hook up the existing baseboards in aprox 800sqf finished basement (previous owners had piping etc just not hooked up....)

    Thanks for any info!
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    no pricing discussions on this site read the rules

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    Sorry, wasnt aware.... like I said Im a noob... so I plead ignorance... so without the price question is it worth upgrading to matching unit? is what Im getting ok equipment? thoughts? Is the equipment enough for size of house etc? Please any input would be greatly appreciated.... Getting hvac work done in my first home is worse than buying the house was... LOL
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    No problems man. IMO the air handler should always match if possible. And yes these are both good equipment if installed correctly.
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    Like wheel said if installed correctly a large part of equipment long term and proper operation is if the equipment in question is installed correctly and maint correctly. You get what you pay for in this biz.

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